H1B transfer from one employer to another with Approved I-140


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Hi ,

I have completed my 6 years initial H1B quota on March 2013. My current employer is processing my green card, I-140 is approved in Feb 2013 and received H1B visa extension until March 2016. I would like to move to a new employer (permanent position) and I would like to understand what the process is and how long it will take to transfer my H1 to new employer(permanent position) to avoid any visa related troubles.

Please help me on this?



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An approved I-140 petition can be used by the beneficiary to show eligibility for H1B extensions. This eligibility generally exists regardless of which company filed the I-140 and which company is filing the H1B petition. The benefit of H1B extensions based on the approved I-140 generally do not exist if the approval of the I-140 petition is revoked. One seeking specific legal advice should consult directly with an experienced immigration lawyer.

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