H1 B Visa Stamping : Needs some Answers for the Questions.Little Different case


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Hi Friends,

I work on EVC Model. I did My Masters and completed in Dec 2009.

I have been Working since November 2010. I have all Pay Stubs with out any Break.

So far I worked wth 3 Client and Right Now i am Working with Client C

I changed my Employer from EMP A to EMP B when i was working with Clinet B (JAN 2012).

I did my H1 B Amendment with Clinet C.

EMP A Ran all my pay Checks for PA(different from Client Locations)

EMP B ran in Client Locations.

2011 W2 with EMP A for PA

2012 : I have 4 W2s( EMP A For PA, EMP B for Ohio Cleint B, EMP B for MI and EMP B for MO Client C)

But in 2012 i did change from Client B to C in Aug 2012.

i did not work in MI but EMP B a Ran pay cehck for Last month of Client B

If VO Asks me to Explain the Reason for all W2s I was planning of giving an Explanation for MI saying i was in Traning for Clinet C before Joining in CLient C.

Please let me know what suits this Question ?

EMP B gave a Employer Employee Agreement as BASE PAY **/hr and My Pay check Reads that Amount * Number of Hours

In My LCA it is Written as Full Time

VO Question : Why are your Pay checks having differnet Amount when you Work as Full Time ?(I was thinking of Telling No Of Hours Worked *Rate * 52 Weeks as Company Policy) But I have some Extra Hours in same Pay check.

My Offer Letter Pay is More than LCA Pay . Why is that Not Matching?

Client C did not provide Client Letter but he Gave SOW from his Email and Email saying we dont Provide any letters and Work Assigned for next 8 months. I Took some Cleint Location Photos and Client Approval Times Sheets.

What is the difference between Exempt and Non Exempt Employee?

How you Chnaged EMP A to EMP B under Same Client ?

Planning: Worked with Client B Remotely from PA under Manger A .

Completed Project and Appled for another Position with EMP B and they Assigned for Same Cleint in OHio under MNAGER B.

Please suggest Friends ...


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In 2012 I had only 2 Employers.. But I have two Clinets

EMP A (PA) with Client A(OHIO)-- Untill Feb End ( But EMP A Ran pay Checks for PA Employer Office)

EMP B with Client A (Ohio)- From March to August 27th- EMP B ran Pay Checks for Ohio

EMP B(MI) with Client B (MO)- From Aug 27th to Till date - EMP B Ran Pay Check of August for MI Head office. did not get My LCA Applied at that Time for MO

from Sep 2012 to Till Date MO Pay checks

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