Expired J1 related I-94 but Valid H1B


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I travelled to India on J1 visa in July, 2012. My J1 was valid till 30th September 2012. Before traveling to India I got an approval for my H1B with a start date of October1 from the same employer. Now, I came back from India in August and on the port of entry I showed the same J1 visa (as I did not get my passport stamped with my new H1B. Anyways the start date on that H1B was October 1..). At the POE they issued me a new I-94 which was expired on 30th Sept. 2012 (As my J1 was expiring on 30th Sept. 2012). However, the I-94 attached to my H1B approval notice has a different number and of course a different validity date (basically it is based on my previous I-94 which was issued to me previously) . Am I technically overstaying or its fine…. Please suggest...Thanks

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