Implemenation of the immigration bill

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First let the immigration bill pass both the houses of the Congress. With the type of new reports emanating from the House, it seems very unlikely anything meaningful will come out of this bill and that it is not likely to pass any time soon. Keep hoping that some meaningful action is taken by the Senate and the House and the bill becomes a law. My guess is the earliest, if anything is likely to happen will be at least end of this year.

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I agree! The latest developments are certainly nerve-wracking. I think the bill has a decent chance to get through before the recess in August. Coming back from the recess the republicans will be more worried about their seats in the 2014 elections, than vote on something they deem risky.

So I guess there is no implementation date mentioned in the bill ? Was just checked if in case I missed it.

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I have a question regarding the new immigration reform bill. I got this extract from the

If this bill becomes law, a more immediate merit-based system would go into effect in October 2014. Under this system, immigrant visas would be allocated to those with employment-based green card cases that have been pending for at least three years prior to the enactment of CIR. The same benefit would extend to those with family-based cases pending for at least five years prior to enactment. The same provisions would also extend to certain foreign national workers who have been lawfully in the United States for at least ten years.

In the above paragraph, "pending for at least three years prior to the enactment of CIR", Are they referring, Priority Date or People filed I-45 and waiting for green card?

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venkata k navakotti

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