H4 visa issue related to H1 I129


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Here is my scenario

I have H1 visa stamped till 2014 and now i am getting married and have to apply for H4

In the h4 required documents i need to have a copy of approved I129 petition. but when i went for stamping i was working as contractor with a client and moved to a different client now.. does my employer has to update my LCA and do I have to send that document for H4 stamping.

Please confirm


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I think updated LCA should be fine for H4, but technically H1 needs to be amended. VO rarely asks for 129 & LCA for H4. I would like to get second opinion on this, and hear from experts. Please comment.

VOs do ask for I-129 and LCA of the principal applicant for H4 visas, not entirely sure of amendments.

But in most cases, they dont ask much about clients. It depends on your company history on how much scrutiny your application will get, your company attorney would be the best bet to answer that question.

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