H1B approved. Now what


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If your petition was approved as a change of status, your status will automatically change on the first day of the validity period of the petition. Additionally, since you have valid work authorization until November 2013 pursuant to your OPT you do not come under the cap-gap provisions. For additional information, please speak directly to a qualified U.S. immigration attorney.

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"Do I come under cap gap I don’t think so but pls. clarify"

=> Search for Cap Gap USCIS memorandum and learn more about this. Cap gap only comes in the picture if your H1b approves and OPT expires before the start date of your H1b.

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My stem opt expires on nov 10, 2013 and I got my H1b approved. Do I need to inform school DSO or there is no need? Do I come under cap gap I don’t think so but pls. clarify. Thanks for inputs.

Your H1 starts from Oct 1st and your current status is valid beyond Oct 1st. So their is no question about cap-gap.

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