** EB3 - Labor approved with incorrect data **


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EB3 - Labor approved with incorrect data

  • Prevailing wages approved
  • Labor approved
  • The attorney that was working on my case, filled the 9089 form incorrectly
  • The prevailing wages section on form 9089 has all the details incorrect (Tracking no, occupation Title, prevailing wages)
  • The labor is certified
  • Now the case is moved to a new attorney who pointed out this mistake


  • Can I still go ahead and have them file I140?
  • Do I need have new attorney firm restart the whole process?
  • Can I use the Prevailing wages (valid till June 2013) and have the attorney file a new Labor?
  • Apply for I140(with an amendment in the file) and at the same time have them start another process as backup (can I have two application from same employer)?
  • If the entire process has to be redone, can I have my employer file under EB2

Thanks for your time, Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.

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YOU do not do anything. The attorney will advise your employer of the necessary procedure.

STAY POUT OF THIS! Respond to the requests from your employer or his attorney. If YOU are required to be involved in these decisions, it appears that fraud is involved.

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