Eligibility For First Time H4-H1 Stamping In Canada


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I am planning to go to Canada for my H1 visa stamping (first time).

I first came to US on H4 visa. Later I got a job and I am currently in H1 visa. As I mentioned above I have not left the country ever since I have been here.

I have a masters degree from India and I have 2 years of work experience in India and 3 years of experience in US.

Am I eligible to go to Canada for my H1 stamping considering this is my first time and I don't have a US masters degree?

I would really appreciate if anyone can respond to my query.

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Hi ppl,


I have an USA Masters MBA degree and I work in the EVC model. I don't have any client letter since its against their policy to provide one. Also seems like the primary vendor through which I am with Client is going to get changed in another 3 months time frame. I have my wedding on Feb during which I have to go to India. I am thinking of going to Canada and get it stamped so that I can be in peace of mind when I go for my wedding. Pls suggest the possibilities and the risk in getting the stamping done in Canada.


Moreover how long does the Canadian consulate take to return your passport with a stamping. Any help in this matter would be highly appreciated thanks in advance




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