I94 Expiry Date is Different from EAD Expiry Date


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I got Derivative EAD from my Husband and had Validity of 2 years which expires in Nov 2014.

Recently i had been to India and at the POE the Officer issued me i-94 with Expiry of Dec 2013.

#1 - I am working and wanted to know which takes precedence?

#2 - If i-94 takes precedence then how can i get it changes so that its valid till my expiry if EAD

Thanks in advance and apologies if i had posted in wrong Queue

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Thanks for the reply and apologies as it was not clear.

Yes i was entered at POE using advance parole and employment authorization document(EAD) was checked.

"The work authorization is governed by the validity of the employment authorization document" - Does this mean that even after the i-94 expires prior to my EAD Expiry - It's still valid and i can keep working until decision is made on my AOS.


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