Applying H1B extension and I-140 at same time


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Thanks so much every one for your reply.

I have read the following in a website.

3 year extension Based on Approved I-140 petition under AC-21 106©

You may extend your H1B status for 3 years if you are the beneficiary of an approved I-140 petition but your priority date is not current, (immigrant visa number is not available )

By default would my H1 extension approve for 3 years if my I-140 approved? even though the client letter mentions I have contract for another year? or should I get a client letter with 3 years?

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My case is that I am on my 4 th year H1B and My Labour is approved last year.

I have also applied for my I-140 on May 1st this year in premium processing.

Since my H1B is getting expired on Sep 30 of this year. I want to file my H1 extension as well.

So I am wondering should I wait for my I-140 approval first and then apply for my H1 Extension? (Mainly as I said in my earlier post I read some where that if I-140 is approved then you would get 3 years extension)

Would the approval of my I-140 makes any difference for my H1 extension?

Can anyone please let me know.

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