EB3 to Family based - Interview


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Original EB3 India 485 filed in sep 2004 as derivative

PD 10/24/2002

Sopuse approved June 2007

Spouse became USC Aug 2012

Interfiled with an already approved 130 in Sep 2012

File got transferred 4 times

Finally interview scheduled Apr 23rd


Oath and initial verifications were done. 485 standard questions answered.

Officer said visa # available ( i was confused since had interfiled as a spouse of USC case)

Then she said 693 (medical) was missing. I said, i filed one in 2004 and another RFE in 2009.

She found the Nov 2009 693. Then asked for kids BC and said the case was approved. Stamped my 485 but said she could update the system since she did not have the computer file. She gave me a letter that said case was recommended for approval.

Got email of card production by evening. Next day morning got email saying that my new perm res status was registered.

Got welcome notice on 27th but category was E39. EB3 Derivative. Should it no be IR6? Can this case be approved as an EB3 case? Any input on the category will be appreciated.

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