How to file legal case on cheating employer


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Hi I have a valid H1-B with my Old employer until Sep 2014, but in January I transferred H1 to a new employer and that employer told that my H1 transfer was approved and made me to travel to Client location, but it was never approved and still in pending state and got 2 RFE's on it and now my old employer withdrawn the old petition and now this new employer is dragging this case and when i asked her about the my case number she gave me the wroing one and when i checked on USCIS, it was approved then i requested her multiple times to send me the approval notice, then she disclosed all the information about RFE etc.

Can i file case on her by cheating me and making my life miserable and making my status in US as doubtful Please suggest me how to confront her and she is operating in 2 names and she contacted me with one company name and filed petition and running the paychecks with other company and i came to know her real name from the caller id from her phone number she use to call. Please provide me any suggestions or ideas to teach these idiots a lesson.



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Find a new employer and file another H1 first.

Because you are already on a work visa/authorization you can start working with your new employer once they receive the receipt # from USCIS.

You need the pending case receipt #/notice from your current employer to be able to file a new H1B with extension of H1B status. If the pending H1 is denied/withdrawn before a new case is filed, you will not get a status extension and will have to go for a vIsa stamping and re-enter US.

Once you have your new H1B sorted out then talk to an good immigration attorney to see if you can take any action.

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