EB3 to Family based


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Here is the history

Spouse and I filed 485 in Sep 2004. I filed as derivative

EB3-India, PD - 10/24/2002 (current since Dec 2012)

Spouse approved in June 2007

Spouse became USC Aug 2012

130 approved Jan 2011

I Interfiled Sep 2012 with an approved 130 as a spouse of a USC

Dec 2012 EB3 current

Interview on Apr 23rd 2013. Seemed like a Family based Interview.


Got welcome notice on Apr 27th under code E39 - EB3

Is this an issue?

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  • 2 weeks later...

The attorney emailed USCIS (without asking me) and they said they will review and get back. They also said in their email If they think it is in error then i need to file a no fee I90. After 11 years i thought i was done but seems like it never ends.

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