Successful Visa Stamping @Vancouver April 29th


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Thanks to all who posted their experiences. IT really helped me a lot. My visa got approved at Vancouver today and my appointment was at 9:30 AM. Along with me there are 5 more . Out of them 1 got PIMS verification and other got client verification query. I hope these cases will be resolved in 2-5 days.

-->Port of entry questions -

1)What is the purpose of your trip?

A) H1B(work permit) stamping. He is not familiar with H1B. I told its a work permit to work in USA and I came for visa stamping.

2)How many days are u planning to stay?

A) about 1 week..since it may take 2-3 days to receive passport after visa approval.

3)Where did you plan to stay?

A)Ramada Motel near downtown

some other questions -

1)Why Vancouver?

A)I got appointment in Vancouver consulate for the dates I am looking...

2)What if your visa is rejected, do u have enough funds available to go back to India?


We are total 3 people who have interview on April 29th (Monday). We stayed in Ramda motel near downtown which is 1 mile. We met 3 more who had their interview on Apr 25th and 26th. All of them got visa approved.

2 of my friends along with me has at 10:30 and myself at 9:30 AM. We went to the consulate at 8 AM. Got through initial check and went through security check on 2nd floor. Submitted Passport, DS-160 confirmation page and I-797A at window A along with one photo. They will give you a token number which they will call after some time for 10 finger prints. The toke numbers will be displaying on the TV screen. After finger prints, at the same counter, they will give your passport, DS form and I-797A back. Wait for your token number to display on the TV screen to go to 20th floor. Security guy will guide you to 20th floor. Counters 4,5,6 are open for H1B interview for today.

My Interview goes as below -

Me: Hello Sir. How are you doing?

VO: Hi.How long with your employer?

Me: 4 months

VO: Do you have end client?


VO: What is the client Name?


VO: Where is it located?

Me: XXXX City

VO: Can I see your LCA?

Me: Here you go.

VO: How long with the client?

Me: 11 months

VO: So, did you change your employer while working on the same project and what is the reason?

Me: Yes sir. Better benefits and current company is a reputed ones and it has number of direct clients which are among fortune 300.

VO: Can I see your client letter?

Me: Here you go.

VO:Have you done Masters and where is it?

Me: Yes. XXXX

VO:Whats your Major?

Me: MS in EE

VO: I am cancelling your F1 visa, if you dont wish to go back to school?

Me: Yes, you can.

VO: Sir, I am approving your visa.

Me: Thank you sir. You made my day happy. Have a good one.

VO gave me one white sheet to track the passport for loomis. Waiting for the passport to fly back....:)

One of my friend interview went as below. He has appointment at 10:30.

VO: how long with this employer

VO:do u have an end client

VO:how long with this client

VO:so u have employer and client same dates (since he joined both at the same time. Prior to this oppurtunity, he worked as FT.)

VO:what do u role and resp

VO:Can you show me lca?

VO: Can you show me client letter?

VO: Sir, your Employer details are not pulling upon in electronic systems now. We need some verification details of your employer. It may take 4-5 business days.

I think this is PIMS issue which should be resolved in 2-3 days.

One of my other friend interview went as below. He has appointment at 10:30.

VO: What is your Role?

VO: How long have you been with your employer?

VO: Who is your client?

VO:Where is your client located?

VO:Can I see your LCA?

VO: Can I see your client letter?

VO:Can I see your W2?

VO: Where are you living previously?

VO:Who was the previous client?

VO: How long is your current project? ongoing with multiple phases of implementation.

I hope the above experience will help the future aspirants.

We are a group of 7 people. All of them got approved except one of them with PIMS verification and the other with client verification.

All the best.



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Hello friends..i am the one who didnt have PIMS update, My visa is approved today. Few tips for better staying at VYR...... from my side...Days inn is stupid expensive and dont have even breakfast. Downtown RAMADA close as days inn and very is good and cheaper..and got breakfast too. There is SALAM BOMBAY restaurant in walkable distance which is also good ... BTW dont compare with NJ and TX restaurants.. :)

NOTE: Dont send any stupid emails for PIMS...I did that 2 weeks before the interview. Also u dont need to submit the DS160 before 2 weeks. These are all our over cautious actions. My case is perfect example.

We visited Granville Island..u can do little shopping and food is food. You can take a water bus and roam around. Also Stanley park is good. If you are photographer bring camera..City is beautiful with lakes, mountains and of-course big city and tall buildings.

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