Canada Visa for H1B Stamping - LA Consular Office


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Has anyone applied for Canadian Visa Online and sent the original passport to the Los Angeles Consulate General? How long does it take after they receive the original passport to send back the passport with the visa?

1 April: I Submitted online application for a Visitor visa multiple entry.

17 April: I received email to send Original Passport and I sent Original Passport same day

19 April: Los Angeles Consulate General office received my original passport, which I tracked by USPS tracking number.

However, there is no update as of today on my passport status. I am a bit worried. How long it really takes after they received original passport to send back the passport.

Please help.

Thank you


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Thanks Shandan for the reply. I have written two emails to them, however, no reply from the embassy. There was no choice to submit the passport in person since I live far from NY and LA. They had requested the passport, so I had to send. Let's see if they send me the passport. It has been a while and it makes me worried.

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