Urgent: please help: H4 issue


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Hi All,

I need urgent help. I am stuck in a situation please help.

Situation involves three companies:

Company A, B and C

I was working with A they sponsored my H1 and H4 for my wife. My H1 and H4 was valid unto 05/15

I got offer from two companies and both company applied to transfer my H1….

Company B:

transferred with premium processing

They did only H1 transfer, they said employee have to bear cost for H4 processing so we did not extend H4, because my wife have to convert to F1 after some time so immigration person suggests if you want to go to F1 why to waste money on H4 if she is already on valid H4 so we did not went for H4 extension.

They got approval and dates are H1 (07/15) and H4 (remains at 05/15)

Company C:

They applied in normal processing

They applied for H1 and H4 both

Just now they got approval and dates are (H1: 11/15 and H4:11/15)

Now here is situation

Company B got approval 2 months back so i joined Company B……

Company C also got approval and i am not joining them.

I am worried about my wife's H4, What if Company C does not give me H4 papers, will she still on our petition (which we have currently) which we currently have(5/15) or she have to have new petition from company C. Bottomline is which petition is valid for her…… petition which we have(companyA's 5/15) or new petition (Company B's - 11/15).

Please help this is urgent.



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