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Filed my H1 Extension (I140 approved) for 3 years on April 4th. Fedex receipt says it was delivered to Vermont Center on April 8th. I have not received the receipt notice till date, nor have the checks been cashed. My I94 expires on 5.2. Is there anything I can do right now in terms of finding out where things stand? Or is it a painful agonizing wait? We decided to upgrade to PP, however, that too needs the receipt number.

Anyone else facing delays in getting a receipt in a similar situation? Any replies will be appreciated.

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Its just the timing of the extension .

Even i had a cap -exempt h1 petition filed for me on April 1st (which of course would not have gone through the lottery), but I am still waiting.

Guess just the truckload of the petitions in April is delaying other receipts as well ..

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I havent received the receipt yet either for my cap-exempt petition. We are waiting for the receipt to upgrade to PP, as well.

Could you please update this thread if either of you receives it?

I am getting a little worried now that it has been a month - even though I understand that the huge number of applications might be delaying things.

I've seen a few members posting that their lawyers have called up to find out the status of the application. Maybe we could try that?

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I received my receipt in the mail today. A few tense days for sure. My employer and attorney ended up filing another petition that got to USCIS on the date of expiration of I94(5.2), because they were not wanting to have me work without any sort of proof. The receipt for that one should be coming in tomorrow or so since we did the second one PP. See "Experts-thoughts welcome" by me for more details.

However-bottom line-I got the receipt for the petition filed on April 8th (Regular Processing, Vermont Center,received April 8th, dated received April 8th, notice date May 2nd) today.


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My H1B extension was applied on PP in April,2013

Receipt Date-April 12

RFE Issued-April 23

Premium Clock stopped -April 24

Employer responded to RFE-May 10

Premium Clock restarted-May 13

I am travelling to India next week,May 22nd.

Any chance to get the approval before May 22nd?

Can I travel to India without the approval?

Please reply..

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