RFE for Financial - Foreign Currency Valuation for Cos from F2 to F1 visa


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I have applied for a CoS from F2 to F1 visa, in Feb 2013 through ELIS.And have recently received RFE for Financial- Foreign Currency Valuation. RFE is requested for proof of immediate funds and as quoted in the document,

" .. provide documentary evidence that you have received funds from to this aboard sponsor in your account at a U.S. financial institute."

While I enquired with the bank in India regarding this (SBI), I was told that such a transfer could occur only with my university as a part of my fees. When I enquired with USCIS I was asked to contact Indian Embassy regarding this as it is mandatory to submit transfer of funds prrof for them to continue with the processing.

Any help or suggestion regarding this will be of great help.

Thank in advance.

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