Visitor Visa for Parent - Question related to Previous Work/Education/Training Information


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I tried to add a post and not sure if that got posted, hence posting it again - sorry if it's already there...

Hello All - Thanks for reading through this.

I am currently in US on L1 Visa along with my spouse on L2 Visa.

I am planning to apply for my parents Visitor Visa (B2) and had couple of questions, it would be great if you can help me out...

1) My father had a stroke in 2007, after which he retired from his business. Now my brother handles all the business stuff.

While filing up DS-160, I had the below questions

In the Present Work section, we have selected as "Retired".

In the Previous Work/Education/Training Information - it mentions:

NOTE: Provide your employment information for the last five years that you were employed, if applicable.

After which there is a question : Were you previously employed? Yes or No

What should we fill here for my Dad (yes or no ??), as he is not working since 2007 till now and is retired. Do we have to fill in information from 2002 till 2007 or is it asking for the current last five years - from 2008 till now ?

2) I am sponsoring their travel, so what all documents should I send from my side to my parents ? Below is the list as per my understanding and search over the net, please do let me know if I am missing something or needs any correction:

a. Invite Letter

b. My Salary slips - last 3 months

c. I-134 for both mom and dad - do we need to get this notarized ?

d. Employment Verification Letter on my company letter head.

e. Bank Statement - do we need to get this notarized ?

f. I-797 , my passport copy, visa copy, I-94 copy

g. W-2 form ? If yes, do they need original or a copy will do ?

h. My Deputation Letter

i. My marriage certificate (optional -correct ?)

j, Spouse passport copy (optional -correct ?)

3) This is what my parents are planning to carry from their side:

a. Covering letter for the purpose of the travel (Letter to Consulate)

b. Passport

c. Bank Statement last 6 months - do we need to get this notarized ?

d. Letter stating - Property (flat) owned, Jewelry, Fixed Deposits - do we need to get a valuation for the same and get it notarized ?

Also - do we need to carry all the originals for the above ?

e. 2 Photographs

Please do reply me at your earliest convenience.

Once again, thanks for your help !


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Guest Noah Lotte

All of the documents, etc, that pertain to YOU have NO bearing on their ability to overcome 214b....notarized this and that are essentially meaningless...a notarized document does not prove intent on the part of any applicant.

Whatever money you have in the bank is yours; houses, cars, etc, that are yours do not magically transfer to a third party., one can force you to pay for airlines tickets, entertainment, etc....if you decide to pay for those things, that is your choice....the VO may or may not believe that....but really, that is just a small part of the entire process.

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No need to NOTARIZE docs..even I mentioned my father as retired, and same replied when asked by VO...

fill in there your fathers last employement whatever applicable......I mentioned his last reported job before he retired for the same question.....

ask your parents to hand over all your documents in a single file to VO, so that he can look into all your documents....each case may be need to consider my inputs even..but donot get worried much of the interview... no one in this forum is a relying only on these replies wont help...NONE OF THESE REPONSES MAY BE FROM THIER PERSONNEL EXPERIENCES....just assumptions and blah blah ...for have all your valid documetns related to your employment, in case VO needs , she\he only verifies W2,Employemt letters..if you are here on a Job....again, donot worry much...happily attend your interviw.with wahtever docs you have......enough of getting worried! gud luck

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