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I have been in US from 2010 on H1B. i am inviting my in-laws to US and interview is on May-03 .

My in-laws knows only their mother tongue, so i selected translator for visa interview day and their profession is agriculture

I have couple of questions.

1) In the DS-160, i did not mentioned ticket information, but intended travelling date is June 5,2013.

will it make problem, if dont mention about itinerary info, since i have not booked the flight tickets.


2) My financial/pay checks & bank balance is pretty much good. My in-laws property(agricultural land) which cost more than 40 lakhs in terms of government valuation , house 10 lakhs and cash in bank account is 1lakh and jewelry 2 lakhs.

My in-laws have notarized all property from private attorney(govt attorney can't do notary) on Rs10 note. will that be good enough?

Wil there be any chance of rejecting the visa if we show bank account as 1 lakh ?

Your valuable thoughts/suggestions are much appreciated

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Guest Noah Lotte

Your bank accounts, job, etc., mean nothing....your in-laws must qualify for a tourist visa based on their OWN situation, not yours. Notarized documents are no more credible than those hastily made outside the embassy....documents do not prove intent, nor can documents prevent a tourist visa holder from working illegally in the US...those are the issues that the VO will be weighing, not pieces of paper.

One of the real questions is this: since they are in the agriculture 'business', who's tending the fields in their absence?

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I am sorry guys, i missed the point in the earlier post, i am sponsoring them, i have sent them I-134 , my paychecks, tax returns and other mandatory documents which are required from my end.

They have made notarization of their properties.

Even if i sponsor them, VO will ask about my in-laws property details ??

// One of the real questions is this: since they are in the agriculture 'business', who's tending the fields in their absence?

My father-in-law's father will take care about fields. he is active and is taking care his own field which is next to my father-in-law field.

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Even if i sponsor them, VO will ask about my in-laws property details ??

Just keep it simple. They have enough money to sponsor their trip to US. No need of any sponsorhip

You just give an assurance to USCIS that they won't become public charges while in the United States(by filling I134).

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Guest Noah Lotte

so if the FIL can take of the fields for a few months, why not forever? That is the issue....all of your assets, etc, do not count one iota in the adjudication process...what matters is whether or not the VO believes that your parents will (a) depart the US when they say and (b) not engage in unauthorized employment while in the US....there is NOTHING you can say, do or produce that has any impact on those decision points....your parents will have to do the convincing, not you.

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Guest Noah Lotte

there is no such thing as 'sponsorship' for tourist, none, zilch. There is NO legal requirement that an tourist visa application be 'sponsored' by a third person. Applicants must qualify on the strength of their own situation and credibility; no one else can 'intervene' or 'vouch' for the applicant, and no one can be legally compelled to financially support any tourist visa applicant. If you doubt this, please review the Immigration & Nationality Act and point to that section of law that states otherwise.

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This is what happend to me yesterday, My parents visa is approved.

intended data has nothing to do, my parents appln says intended travel.,april 20, but they appeared intvw april 25

I sponsored them, sent W2's, I-134,bank verification letters.... and invitation letters etc.NONE of my personnel docs were NOTARIZED...VO just verified docs ONLY that i sent. visa is approved, waiting for passport......i kind of worried looking at responses from people,.....they might have not gone through these situations\interviews at all when they reply...they go by assumptions .......i dont understand...

play as it comes....try your best....dont worry much....each case is different, so once experience (including myne) and once opinion has nothing to do with..., someone's visa interview or anything..go with whatever doc s you have... hope you get this on a positive note.

gud luk

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Guest Noah Lotte

pontevecchio (and I) are right...there is NO SUCH THING AS SPONSORSHIP for tourist legal, if the OP's parents somehow 'manage' to stay 6 months instead of the 1-2 months they told the VO, well, one will wonder about their 'agri-biz', one, and I repeat, no one can make any legal commitment to ANY applicant seeking a tourist matter how much money some relative or 'friend' has in the bank, no legal authority can compel that same relative or 'friend' to pony up a single dime towards expenses, plane tickets, movie tickets, restaurant bills or entry fees to the ever popular (but rarely visited by folks from India) Grand Canyon (and Mt. Rushmore)....what matters at the end of the day (or interview) is what the VO believes about the credibility of the applicant, NOT about the bank balances or number of bedrooms in one's home, etc......there is NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT THAT ANY TOURIST VISA APPLICANT BE 'SPONSORED' BY ANYONE ON PLANET EARTH. None.

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