visa Exp at Vancouver


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Hi is our turn to post our visa interview exp....

we are four guys all got it...

my Exp:

we were very first guys for today for h1b visa.....after all initial screening and finger printing....we were escorted by security guard to 20th floor....then LED screen will display numbers....whn it was counter 5...

Me: Good Morning ...How are you?


VO: you have end client? and where it is located?

Me: answered with physical location address

VO: LCA and client letter

Me: gave and he verfied...

VO:did u do masters? and major

Me: yes and told my major(my major is life sciences so explained I emphasized on software on which I am working)

VO: how it is related

Me: explained...

VO: your visa approved

Me: thanks and have a good day...

full joy :-)

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