Successful H1B Visa Stamping in Ottawa, Canada with PIMS update issue


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I just attended H1B Visa stamping April 22nd, 2013 in Ottawa, Canada and got visa approved but VO said some issue in PIMS update and will get my passport in 3-4 days.

My background, did MCA in india. Completed 6 years in US and on I-140, recently got H1 Extension on it for 2 years. EVC model and working for same client for 5 years. I had Vendor letter, client manager email.

Questions Asked:

1. Where are you working

2. Who is your employer

3. How much salary you get per month.

4. No documents requested.

5. Every thing looks good but there's PIMS update issue and may take 24hrs extra and will get passport in 4 days.

Staying in Capitol Hill hotel which is just 5 mins walk from embassy. Can share room from day after tomorrow.

Good luck to you guys.



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For where are you working, initially I stated my client's location but he was looking for my employer. Just tell your employer name first followed by the client name and it's location. That should be fine.

I got white slip like everyone gets when their visa is approved. It's just a sample document which tells us where to check for our status. It's nothing but the url where we booked our appointment in Canada.

I would be great to answer your queries as I was initially very much tensed with all this H1 Visa stamping and was looking at these Murthy forum for getting some good news from people having successful stamping, but I only found 221G issues and I guess who is getting stamped are not really posting in this forum which gives wrong signals to future visa stamping aspirant.

I noticed that most of the people got visa stamping today with no issues but they were asked few questions and also some people were asked to show client letters.

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