Relocation after I-140


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Hi, Hope you doing great! I am currently working in Minnesota and my Green Card Labor was approved, going for I-140 very soon.

As a future plan I decided to move to Florida to work from Florida office for same company. Now my question is do I have to apply for the new Labor and I-140 in Florida again or nothing is required since it is same position with same company?

I greatly appreciate your word on this. Thank you.

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Originally posted by gc2710:

What defines commutable distance? Say San Diego to San Jose which is 400miles apart and within the same state? And, does the position for which labor is applied matter? ex. for consulting positions where in home is the same as work location?



I really have no idea about what a commutable distance is for the USCIS or how do they decide it. I have seen attorneys in the Murthy forum use this terminology before.

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Yes - to my understanding if your new location is outside of the initial Metro Area (check in icert portal for your State-Metro Area under Prevailing Wages), then you need to start your PERM & I-140 again but can retain the old PD while applying for I-140 in work location.

I am also in the same boat and am waiting for my I-140 to get approved for current location.

Once done, I will be transferred to new location in different state. Again, there my employer will start GC process from start.

Its a headache process but we need to undergo this whenever there is a change in employee location/transfer.

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