Non profit H1B to regular cap H1b visa


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Hello Sir/Madam,

I currently hold a non profit H1b visa(exempt from 85000) so to work for a private firm (which is not a profit organization) i need a regular cap h1b visa.So i found an employer who filled an regular cap H1B visa behalf of me for this year.So my question is if i dont want to join the new company after getting my visa approved and in the future if i want to move to a another private company do that company need to file new H1b petition or regular H1b transfer will work??



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If the new regular H1b is approved, H1b "transfer" would work. Btw, there is nothing called "transfer", every H1b is new. The difference is just that, if you have an approved H1b. in next 6 years another employer can file cap exempted H1b for you.

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