Successful H1 stamping on April 16th 2013 at Vancouver


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Thanks to Murthy forum. The discusions which went everything here was good and was very helpful. Thus in fact got me to confidence. I had interview on 16th April. at 09:30

After security check. I had issue with PIMS. After an hour i had interview. My interview was pretty straightforward. They are lot of Documents asked. Thank God I did not miss Any. My number was called. I went to Counter number 6. There was a young lady over there.

Me:Hello How are you?

VO:No response

Me:Good Morning Officer


After that 2 minutes nothing she was busy typing something.

VO: How long you have been in US?

VO:how long with employer?

VO:Do you have client?


VO: Can i have client letter I 129 and Paystubs

Me: Gave all the docs. She went through my paystub each and every row in it.

VO: I see only six months. Do you have whole last year Paystubs:

Me: I had a bundle of paystubs for oct 2010. I gave all of them.She checked with LCA.

VO: Where is your client located.

Me: Told the full adress. She Matched with LCA and also with I129.

Again after a minutes silence.

VO:What do you do?

VO: Where did you do your masters?

Me: Mine was bridgeport CT.

VO: She asked how far is newyork from there?

Me: Smiling i gave the answer

VO: MS Degree

VO: i see your PIMS not updated. Took both my I797 and Passport within 3 -5 days You will get waybill Number.

Me:Thanks A lot

VO: Good Luck

Me: Thanks Good day to You too.

That's It Interview was pretty straight forward. I had like 5 people who had interview 3 on 16th 1 on 17th and another one on



My advice is to get all documentation as much as you can and give answers with Confidence. Give straightforward Answers. DO NOT elaborate Answers unless asked.

I stayed on Riviera Hotel which is 7 mins walk from Embassy.Which was even near to restaurants. No need to take money from currency exchanges. They charge you. Scotia Bank does not charge when you use BOFA cards Nether does BOFA.


. We have plenty of them in Airport to and near to embassy too.Take cash and use Discover to avoid foreign transactions.

Good Luck Folks

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Hello diw2kar,

I am going to attend interview next month in Vancouver. I see that VO mentioned to you that PIMS is not updated.

From blogs, I see people mentioning about sending email to Consulate before few weeks to confirm if PIMS got updated.

Have you done this? Is it required? If not, DId you stay back for longer time until PIMS got updated and you got the visa?

Appreciate your response.


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