I missed H1B application deadline what to do ?


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I have missed the deadline for H1B application for 2014 and the quota seats are already full. So USCIS is saying they are not accepting anyomre application.

so is there any way i can apply for H1B for 2014?

Will i be still able to apply as Premium process?

Please reply me


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Have a company apply for 2015 quota. You are out of luck for 2014.

Why are you so special that you think you can break in line in front of people who were petitioned by the closing date and were not selected in the lottery? Your arrogance is amazing.

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Unfortunately the quota is done for this fiscal year (for start Oct 1st, 2013). Premium Processing has no relevance to this because that is simply only for processing time (once your application is accepted for processing). Since there is no more cap space available then you will have to wait until April 1st, 2014 to apply for a start date of Oct 1st, 2014.

Good luck.

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The quota being full means just that, the quota is full. There is absolutely no way to get into the quota anymore. Premium processing has nothing to do with that.

If you don't have another status to change to (e.g., H4 if you are married and your spouse in on H1), you will have to leave the country.

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