regarding return tickets for B1/B2 visa


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Hello there,

Request you to clarify with the below listed questions:

a. Is the return ticket required for a person travelling on B1/B2 visa?

b. Can the return ticket be purchased with an open date?

c. If I purchase the return ticket with a 5 month duration, what if I get only 3 months on my I-94?

Also, please mention which would be a better option to do keeping Port of entry in mind. Thanks for the help again!


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You shoudl have a round trip ticket. Not to have one is a sure sign of intended overstay.

No matter what the return date, the officer at the border will grant you a stay and you will be expected to leave no later than the stamped date even if you have to change travel date.

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Regarding Tourist Visa for my Parent in law


1. Is the Length of stay = exactly 180 days. Or when we say 6 months can we count some months with 31 days and total it to 184 days ?

2. This is 2nd trip to USA for my mother-in-law. In her 1st stay she arrived 19 July and departed 31 Oct (145 days). In her 2nd trip I have booked her round trip ticket -arrival 27 March and departs 15 May (45 days).


So her total stay on Multi trip US visa will be 190 days.


Is this ok or will I have to pre-pone her departure by 10 days. I booked this ticket by mistake and now changing it I will incur $400 ticket change penalty. Will the port of entry officer create any issues when he sees the return ticket. If my Mother in law departs by 15 May will she be stopped while departure as having over stayed.


Kindly advice

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Why in the world would you a) want to make it exactly 180 days? There is no need to cut it that close. What if there is a plane delay, e.g., due to weather?

Second, she can't stay 190 days. If you worry about the ticket change cost, you are worry about the wrong things.

She should leave well before the 180 day mark.

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