Family sponsorship Green Card in process, visit to US


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Hi everyone,

I need some information for my brother in laws travel to US, here is the situation.

"My brother in law got his B1/B2 visa in 2009 for 10 yrs. He would like to visit his family in August this year. However, my sister has a green card and his is still in process. Is it risky for him to visit during this time?



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My brother-in-law aplied for B1/B2 visa in 2009 and got a multiple entry for 10 yrs. He came in the same year (2009) for my niece's graduation on B1/B2 visa and went back to India after 3 months. However, my sister applied for GC in 2007 and got her GC in 2011 in EB2. She could not apply for him because he did not like to stay in the US because of his job.

Now my sister applied GC for him based on family reunion program (I-824 form) and it was approved. Now the package is still here and priority date is still not given. National Visa Centere will send his application to Hyderabad and he will be interviewed in India for his GC. Now he wants to visit this year on his B1/B2 Visa which is valid until 2019. Please let me know if it is okay for him to visit under this situation.

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