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I got my H1B from oct 2012 to sep 2015, also stamped in Canada..

Now the drama has started. I lost my original 797 copy in Jan 2013. As soon as I lost it, my employer had applied for a duplicate copy in Feb 2013 (it's been 75 days) and waiting for the reply from USCIS.

I'm planning to visit my home country in 15 days. Is it okay if I enter in USA with photocopy of 797?

If not, please suggest me what am I supposed to do?



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I have somewhat similar condition. I just got offered a new job and I am just about to start the H1 transfer process. So one of the documents is the I-797. But apparently my i-797 has a wrong start date for my H1-extension that got approved in December 2012.

My attorney has followed up with USCIS 2 months ago to correct the start date to Dec 2012 rather than Dec 2013. USCIS responded last week opnly saying that we will review your case and follow up with you. And the new company would like to get me on board asap and the new Attorney says that they do need the latest updated I-797 document to file the transfer.


I need suggestions please. Is there another way I can take to get my transfer without any delay.

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