H1B Petition Reaffirmed - What are the next steps??


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Hi All,

  • In October 2011, my H1B visa was denied and the petition was sent back to USCIS for review
  • After 18 months, it got reaffirmed.
  • During this period, I have been working from home in India.
  • FYI: Mine is an EVC work model
  • And, My petition will expire in the next 8 months.


1. Can someone advise me about what would be the next steps in the process?

2. Will my 'WORK-from-HOME' option affect the process in any way?

I have high expectations from this FORUM and I hope it lives upto it. :)

Note: I would really appreciate a step-by-step explanation of the probable steps to follow going forward. My intentions are to make this post as a source of information to all the professionals who are travelling in the same boat as I am, right now.

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Hi SSQ2011,

I was given 221g and then, rejection, reaffirmation happened.

1) After receiving the reaffirmation, I had sent a mail to the consulate explaining what happend,

They asked me to come over on weekdays at particular time. I went there and got a 221g again for some documents.

After I submitted the document, I got my visa.

2) I cant say anything about the Work from home, but I think - I think it can work in your favour. In case the VO asks about client, project you can tell them you already have one.

Above is strictly my experience and opinion.

Hope you get your visa very soon.


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