CIR : Foreign Masters degree equivalent for US Masters degree and STEM green cards

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I have gone through the CIR bill draft. (page 305)

AreThe STEM green cards are only for Master degree holders from US universities?

I have Masters degree from foriegn university, but it is credited as equivalent for masters degree from US university.

Will I be eligible to get GC under STEM green card specified in the drafted CIR, if it becomes Law?

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I think EB2 and EB3 all depends based on Job requirments. If your employer doesn't need a highly skilled person for a job for e.g bachelor degree with 2 yrs exp. This job will not qualify for EB2 even if a person who is hired has a masters degree.

Again this is my thinking...Pls check with a laywer if you need accurate advise...

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