Which one is better F1 or L2 Dependent when L2 visa got expired but valid I-94


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I have an issue like my L1 visa got expired in Feb-13 but I have a valid I-94 tille Jun-15.

My dependents(wife & daughter) got their L2 visas but due to my daughter's study they have gone back to India before the L2 visa got expired. Now the L2 visa got expired. I came through this Forum that dependents can go to stamping based on my I-94 as the staus is valid.

Question here is my daughter aspiring for MS in US and wanted to go on F1 Visa and she got a couple of I-20s from universities.

Since L2 Visa got expired and eligible for getting stamped since she is still under 21(21years in Nov-13) which would be the good move.

1) Whether to go for F1 visa and go alone to the Universitis for study. This is because the no of months between FALL 2013 and Nov-13 are hardly 3 months time.


2) To go for stamping with my wife on L2 visa and reach US and join the college.

After attaining 21 years, apply for F1 from US itself.

An expert advise is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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