On F-1 (OPT now), H1B applied---waiting


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I am on F1 visa ( currently on OPT), currently working, and have applied for H1B visa this year through my employer.

My husband also did the same, but he got a response saying its been approved on Monday April 15, 2013.

Till date i have not received any communication from my employer or uscis that my application is processing or what not..

I have done my Masters here, but now i am worried if i am rejected on H1b, what steps should i follow?

Can i go on my husbands dependancy ? P.S. he's also on OPT, and his H1B start date is Oct 1, 2013.

If i go on H4 (dependancy), can i directly apply for H1b OR do i have to go through college admission again?

Thanks for your help in advance

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I think you need to check whether the checks enclosed in the application are cashed or not. Wait for some time. If you had filed in regular processing it takes some time to get the receipt.Wait another 15 or 30 days . I assume u have a valid opt. you will have 60 days grace period to change the status or leave the country even if ur opt expires. You can change to H4 if ur application doesnt get picked. But to get back on h4-->H1 you need to wait for april 2014 to apply for H1.

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