H1B visa rejected, now trying to apply for F1


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My h1b visa got rejected last year November. I'm currently in India since then (nearly 6 months now) and working for a company. I went to US on F1 visa and completed my masters and then worked there on opt and h1b for more than 2.5 yrs. Now, I'm trying to get back to US by F1 visa this fall 2013. Trying for MBA program and giving my GMAT and IELTS tests as a strong support for my F1 visa that I'm intended to go for studies. If I get admission from a university and apply for F1, what are the odds and evens of getting my visa. Please give me some advise.


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Thank you all for those replies. My intention is to study first and finish my MBA. I'm more interested in MBA than a Phd in computer science . What sort of questions may VO ask me while I attend the interview? Getting an admission in some good university will have a better chance of getting visa ?

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