Is my student visa still valid after 1 year deferral?


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Hello - I got my F 1 visa in last June 2012 tp peruse my MBA. I supposed to be in US for last Fall but due to a family emergency I had to defer my I 20 to Spring 2013. But again, I had to push my plan to Fall 2013 as I had severe health issues. I have been in touch with my International coordinator in every step and she updated my Sevis accordingly.

Now I am planning to come to US for Fall 2013. I talked to international coordinator about immigration issues/recent changes to immigration policies as it will be more than year that I got my visa. She said, its OK to as long as you have valid visa and I20 but she wanted me to double check with US embassy. I was told by few consultancies here in Hyderabad that my visa stands invalid as its been more than 5 months. Is that true? Do I need to go for an interview again? What kind of documents I need to present to Custom Border Protection official in order to avoid refusing my entry into the US.

I just can't risk going to US and refused by them. Who can give the reliable info? I talked to Hyderabad embassy but they are redirecting my calls and not giving proper answer. Please help.

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Per my research, A person need a new visa in 2 below cases.

1. When he is away from studies in the middle of the course with no proper reason and not updating Sevis accordingly whcih will make a person out of status.

2. If Sevis record has been changed.

And its not the case with me. But I never been to US using this Visa and updated sevis and all the genuine paper work.

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