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Hi Friends ,

I am trying to send an online application for Canada Visitors Visa (TRV) for my H1b visa stamping.

I need to upload a digital photo as per the mentioned specs "The final frame size of the photo must be at least 35 mm x 45 mm " .

I tried to get a picture from Walgreen's,Walmart and CVS but no luck so far .

A) Please let me know how to get a digital picture , if any one applied through online submission .

B) And also which is a better way Online or mailing all documents ? As on the Canadian CIC website , they clearly mentioned that " High priority has been given to the Online Applications first and then Mailing applications " .

C) And also I don't have any supporting documents for

1) Itinerary, Travel

2) Purpose of travel - Other

is it OK to leave those sections without uploading any docs ?

I really appreciate if someone can help on my questions ..

Thank you All !

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No sure in what part of US you are in. If you are still having difficulties finding the location for obtaining the Canadian passport size photos, here are some useful links....






Thank you !

I live in TN state , no information about the locations in here.

But what I found out is that

" Australia Passport size photo requirements are slightly matching with the Canada TRV Photo specs as they also mentioned 35 mm X 45 mm . So I went to Walgreen's to get the Australian passport

size photo and uploaded the same for online application. Hope it works with CIC "

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