Am I h1b cap exempt


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Hello All,

My employer applied for my h1b under the masters category (20 000) in April 2009 which was approved in May. I was working in OPT until July. Then I had to go back to India in the month of August 2009 owing to personal reasons and my employer revoked my h1b visa in August 2009.

1) If I have to apply for h1b during the next fiscal year (Apr-2014) am I cap exempt because I already applied for h1b in 2009 and it was approved ?

2) I had my previous case reference number in my gmail. This account was hacked and deleted a couple of years ago. I couldn't retrieve it unfortunately. I do not have that tracking number now. Is that an issue? Am I required to provide my previous case number if I file for h1b next year?

Would really appreciate your responses.



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