Successful H1B stamping Calgary Canada


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Firstly i would like to thank Murthy Law for this forum and all the people that posted their expriences previously.

I went to have my first renewal on 9 April 2013 in Calgary 2013.

We went thru the initial security checks, then escorted up to the 10th floor, where we went thru another security screening. Then inside we went for finger prints, my husbands picture was rejected becoz he had spectacles and the officer said the computer could not read his eyes. He was asked to go and get new ones and i could wait for him in the room. Luckily there is a photo shop on the ground floor and he managed to come back in 30 mins. Our no was called and we went to one booth and were interviewed by a lady. She just asked me some basic questions about my work, name of company, wat i did and how long i have worked there. She then asked my husband wat he has been studying and that was all, the visa was approved.

We had carried all the documents, paystubs, W2s, bank statements, LCAs etc, but she ddnt ask for any of them. Got the email to get our passports on Thursday and collected them on Friday and we were back in the US on Sunday. We stayed with friends in Calgary.

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