Question on Travel to India in CAP-GAP


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I am on OPT now and I have filed an OPT extension on Feb 8th, it is in process. And meanwhile my Employer had filed a H1-B in april. Even that is in process.

My question is :

Case 1 : let's say if my H1 - Approved in May.And meanwhile if i receive my OPT extension EAD card. Can I travel to India before October 1st ?

Case 2: My H1 - Approved in May. And didn't received my OPT card extension by that time. Can i travel to India with CAP-GAP I20 ?

Case 3: My H1- declined. Here i think i need to wait for my OPT extension for sure to travel.

Note: My F1 - Visa is going to expire in December 2013.

What happens to my F1-Visa if my H1-B got approved ? Can travel before October 1st with my F1-Visa ? Does my F1-Visa status valid up to Oct 1st ? When i reached at US immigration counter at Airport(Port of Entry) i.e; before OCT 1st whether they can Validate my VISA ? What are the documents I need to present them for a re-entry ?

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