Travel to US on B1/B2 with Kid on H4


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Hi All,

My wife is working on H1B since one month. I would like to visit for her in Oct'13 along with my one year old kid. I have a B1/B2 valid for next 3 years and kid is having H4. I work for a MNC in India (working from 11 years) and earlier went to US several times to attend meetings and negotiate contracts.

My question is, can I travel to US with my current B1/B2 visa (employer sponsored) for visit purpose? Or do I need to apply for a new B2? I am planning to take 5 weeks leave for this visit and do not have any plans to apply for H4.

If I travel on current B1/B2 and kid travelling on H4, both together, will there be any issues at POE?

What documents need to be carried for both of us?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for your response.

Can't I use my current B1/B2 visa and travel along with my kid to visit my wife? I do not want to apply for H4 as I have applied for Australian immigration and I don't want my H4 (being a dual intent visa) to be a issue for my australia immgration.

Are there going to be any POE questions? My visit to US would be just 5 weeks.


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