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Please lawyers respond to my query.

I used to be earlier on H1b visa and filed for H4 in Jan and got approval.

I got consulting offer on h1b in April, and they filed for H1b.

However, the premium process got RFE, and took its own sweet time with delays, before I got the approval.

But in the meantime, Client withdrew its contract saying cut downs in company.

I got the notification from Client before h1 got approved that they r withdrawing my contract.

I got the email notification from uscis that h1 is approved the following week.

However, the consulting company did not inform me that they have returned the H1b to uscis.

And their Lawyer is now saying since they have returned it, i remain on my previous h4 status.

I just want to know what is my best bet in this scenario

Since I didnt work, never got the approval notice in hand, do I have to refile for H4 or I am on my previous H4 status?

Since its a complex situation, I request only valid responses in the forum.

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