H1B stamping in Vancouver


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Hi Folks,

I am new to this forum and i am looking for some help.

Me and wife booked appointment in US consulate for H1B visa stamping next month in Vancouver. We both work for different companies and not dependent on each other for visa.

I got the appointment on same day and time for both of us.

We are going with a kid and I just want to know if we could attend interview at same counter as we carry some common documents like Tax returns, Bank statements and also to take care of kid.

Secondly , We got canada tourist visa but i never mentioned in Canada Visa application that we are going for H1b visa stamping.Is this going to be a issue or its fine?

lastly , We are working on H1b visa for more than 6 years and currently extended visa for 3 years based on I 140. We got visa stamping before outside of US not in home country. Are there any suggestions for us as we are going to canada for the first time?

Thanks for your reply.


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In my experience, they prefer interviewing separately. But I am pretty sure when you sign you can request it.

When I applied for Canadian visa, I did mention H-1b visa appointment but if you have tourist visa I think it is ok to say we are just visiting. Just have hotel reservation handy to show if needed.

First time H-1b visa stamping always risky but as they say no risk no gain. I did this in vancouver in 2010. I had my interview on Tue got the 221 g form but I got a call on Friday and was able to pick up the passport on Monday and be back in the USA Tue. I also had a approved I-140. The second time I did this in Ottawa and didn't had to wait that long: Tue interview and passport pickup Thu. So this varies from person to person. Just have all the documents ready and if there is going to be delay inform your work (I had to work remotely for coupld days) and have some contingency plan for staying for slightly longer time in Vancouver.

Hope this helps.

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