Extended stay outside of US (in India) for business reasons, any issues?


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Visa Type: H1B

Status : Valid and stamped

Expires On : Dec 2014

Are there any known issues if one stays outside of US for up to 3 months on H1b?

I will be visiting India on an assignment in the month of May 2013 and will stay there for up to 3 months and will return back to USA in the month of August 2013.

For the most part I will be working there on an assignment (training contracted software developer) and will be on vacation for a week.

My employer will be giving me a supporting letter confirming my employment and stating that I will be visiting India for a business reason.

Will there be any issue at the port of entry to USA ? What all supporting documentation do I need to carry?

Any suggestions/advise is really appreciated.



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