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Hi This is Vidya... i am doing MBA, this is my secound master in USA , Presently in am on F1 and i am having CPT,

i have applied for H1B,,, it got picked in lottery system. Assume that i may get H1B approved by this April Last week of 2013. i am planning to go India in MAY , and i ll be back in JUNE. My question is is any problem i have to face PORT OF ENTRY? when i am back i ll get new i94,,, i that still effect my approved H1B which is starting from OCTOBER 2013. I do have valid F1 visa upto 2015 MAY.i am totally confused ...please help me out on this.

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If you have applied for H1 B and if your case is approved you would get an I 94 with an expiry of October 2016. That will be your latest I 94 now.

But if you leave the country after the approval and come back on F1 visa, the latest I 94 you will get stamped will be till September 30th. Because from October 1st you will be on H1. If this is the case then you have to go out of the country and get your H1 B visa stamped before September 30th.

If the POE officer gives you an I 94 till May 2015, then you dont need to worry till May 2015. It all depends on what expiry date the POE officer stamps on the passport when u get back inside the country.

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