Sucessful visa stamping - Vancouver Canada - Change of status from L1 to H1


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Hello All,

Big thanks to Murthy forum. I just want to give quick back ground of me. I came to US for the first time in 2009 on L1 and then changed to H1 in 2011. I have been working on H1 from last 1 and half year. This is my first H1B stamping.

Initially I was scared to book the slot in Canada as I did not have my masters and this is my first time H1B stamping for my status change (L1 to H1). So I contacted Vancouver consulate and they said that any one can schedule the interview and I read few sucessful posts from the people who were in the same boat. Finally I booked my slot on April 9th in Vancouver, Canada. Below is my experience.

I working on EVC model. I went to counter 5 (Male VO).

Vo: Good Morning

ME: Good morning Officer

VO: Give me your passport, DS 160 and I 797 form

Me: submitted the documents.

VO: Are you working for XXXXX (My employer)

Me: Yes

VO: What do you do?

Me: I am working as a programmer analyst.

VO: Who is your client

Me: Replied

VO: what do you do for them?

Me: Explained about my role and responsibilities

VO: Asked me about the my client and their line of business

Me: I explained about their products

VO: Asked me my 2012 W2 and 2013 pay stubs

Me: submitted him the documents. (Note: VO did some calculation on my pay stubs and compared with my W2 income for 2012)

VO: Asked me the documents - LCA, I 129, Client letter, employment letter

Me: submitted all the documents

VO: he asked me the client address just to corss check with the letters I carried.

Me: I said yes

VO entered some thing and told me my visa is approved and asked me to wait for 3 to 5 business days to collect my passport and gave me instrcutions on howe to collect passport from loomies.

I recieved my passport on 4/11. I am back in US.

In vancouver, VOs are more focussing on the documentation and they are going through all documents very carefully..

Please ping me for any questions. Thanks alot....

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