H-4 to AOS then AOS to H-4. If so AOS still valid?


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My wife entered into USA on Aug 2009 as H4 visa , which was valid till Apr 2010 , I-94 also valid till Apr 2010.

And she left USA on June 2012 due to family emergency.

During her stay between April 2010 ( H4 expire date ) to June 2012 ( Departed from USA ), we have not applied H4 extension ( form i539 ) because she was in AOS pending status ( I485 applied on Aug 2007 )

Question is ,

Since she left USA on June 12 with no AP due to family emergency , we plan to get H4 stamping in India to reenter USA . If so , her AOS pending status will be valid after she uses H4 at port of entry? Please guide us.

Thanks in advance

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