Change of status from H4-H1B (Not new filing)


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Presently on H4. I need a change of status from H4-H1B. I have worked on H1B (2006-2008).

My H1B can be revoked in the remainder option category. Individuals who have spent 1 year out of USA can use their remaining period of H1b visa. This revoking is cap exempt.

I am trying to get this done for the last 6 months, but the awareness is very low among the recruiting world in US. The recruiters are not ready to push my resume to the client bcoz they are not aware of this. I am not sure what's the reason?

I am using this platform to reach to people who have done this for themselves and help me out.

I have 4.5 years left on my H1B.

I thought of using this platform as this is the most esteemed & renowned.

Thanks In Advance

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