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I am on H4 and have an admit for Master's program from CMU.

For my I20 : I had 60% of the amount for my study in my bank account. I had my brother (Greencard holder) as a sponsor on my I20 and he showed 40% of the amount in his bank account.

My college has sent my my I20 and I am now filing the change of status from H4 to F1 via USCIS ELIS.

1. Is the I134 mandatory? or will only the scanned copies of my brother's and mine bank statements will do.

2.If the I134 is mandatory ,should my husband be submitting it since I am on H4? Or should I have my brother submit it who was my sponsor in the I20?

Pretty confused about the sponsor part since I had added my brother as my sponsor on my I20. Help!

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