L1 Cool down period outside USA for reapplying


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First of all, I want to thank this forum for many suggestions and guidance in many visa related situations.

I served in USA thru one of Indian service companies past 6.5 yrs and returned by Dec 2012. Since I need to travel back for same project again, would like to know how "Cooling Period outside USA" works.

  • Is 12 months mandatory for reapplying visa?
  • What is the the earliest period I can apply new visa to utilize both 12 months cooling period and quick visa processing?
    • ​Example: Can I apply by Oct 2013, so that processing and stamping can be done before Dec 2013 (so that I can travel by Jan 2014

    [*]​Any issues expected for applying again?

​Your valuable suggestions are highly appreciated.

Please direct to me to relevant topic if same is been discussed already.

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