Got a mail to collect documents, after 221g blue


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Hey Folks,

I received this email from VFS::

Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate.

The passport number being returned is XXXXXXXXX


Here is my case history:

Interview attended- 26 may,2011(received 221g blue)

petition sent back to USCIS- Oct 2011

Case re-affirmed- 13 mar,2012

went for Interview again -- 23 May,2012 ( got 221g blue again)

[God knows why..inspite of having all the docs.during the interview VO told it will take a week to get back but it's different things that it took them almost an year to get back :'(

Finally, tomorrow 9 Apr, 2013 received the above mentioned emial from

Could anyone pls help me with any relevant information on this, or anyone got any email of same


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Something is wrong in your papers. What is written on 221g blue?

please Check it and post here.

221g blue is for lack of end client or end client letter, lacking evidence of employer employee relationship.

Check if:-

-your company is consulting company and it has shown you as in-house employee.

-employer failed to mention reporting details etc in employer letter.

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Hi.. Thanks for the response

well nothing was written on second 221g, no documents asked either.

I was in EVC model. i had a client letter from one of big reputed company.

Anyways as you can see the case history, it's been almost 2 yrs now.

I do not have much of the expectation now :(

But will keep ya'll posted, whatever happens.


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